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Work Hard! Play Hard!

No one knows better than you how hard your team works.

Great leaders know the importance of balance and rewarding their employees for all they do. Even the most cohesive teams need time to bond to stay cohesive.

We've made it easy for you. CorporateTalk, LLC has partnerted with major venues in the heart of Downtown Tulsa to offer team building and an exciting outing. This includes the BOK Center, the Tulsa Oilers, the Tulsa Drillers, the Tulsa Roughnecks, and we are working to add local restaurants, bars, and hotels as well.

Let us coordinate for you. Sign up to be the first to hear of promotions. We will announce upcoming venues and coordinate every detail to ensure a great package for your group(s). Any size group, any budget. Every employee deserves this investment.

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Team Training and Outing
What is the key for attracting the best candidates? For retaining the talent you have?

It is placing your employees as your #1 focus. Your most important aspect of your business.

Introducing a series focused on incorporating an employee-oriented culture and exemplifying that culture in everything you do. 

This series includes Culture-Driven Interviewing, Recognizing and Tracking Internal Talent, Successfull Initial Training, Ongoing Training, and Employee Motivation.
Public Speaking Coaching

There are several reasons why hiring me as a public speaking coach for yourself or your team is a great investment! 

According to Chris Anderson, Head of TED Talks, the point of any talk is to say something meaningful. And, there is no one way to give a great talk.

If you desire improvement in delivering persuasive material, informative content, or wondrous entertainment, I offer a one-day class on how to build a proper plan for effective content. Additionally, I am available for coaching before and after any speaking event.

Even the greatest speakers were not born that way; they had to practice. Practicing with a coach will bring forth your individual energy and attitude. They goal is to enhance your unique speaking style, not change who you are as a speaker. Coaching will help you prepare, practice, and self-coach. This involves individual recording sessions during a two-day class so you are able to monitor progress and areas of improvement. I am also available for individual coaching before and after any speaking event following this two-day class.

There are several forms of public speaking: to persuade, to deliver information, to motivate, to actuate, and to entertain. My coaching can also be tailored to each form if desired.

I have helped many clients in many different industries and look forward to sharing my knowledge!

Set up time with me today for public speaking coaching!

I will work around your schedule and can deliver coaching during evenings and weekends if needed.

Gallup StrengthsFinder

Imagine focusing on our top strengths instead of weaknesses! That is what training using StrengthsFinder is all about. Discover how to turn innate talents into strengths and how to utilize those strengths in our everyday lives, as well as in our professions.

My current experience includes extensive training with TAG as well as implementing and presenting StrenghsFinder for the QuikTrip Corporate Office. I will soon be certified as a StrengthsFinder Coach through Gallup as well.

These sessions include one-on-one time with each employee discussing their top 5 strengths. We will then meet as a group in a fun environment as we learn about the strengths of everyone and how to better apply that training to enhance communication and a better working environment.

Let me design something for your group!

Workplace Differences

We live in a blended society with many differences that make each of us who we are. At times, this can create obstacles in the workplace. Many of these issues can be resolved with understanding and training.

Whether your company is facing generational barriers or the many misunderstandings that come with different genders or cultures, I can help.

I am able to provide scientific examples of why we each behave and think differently, as well as proven examples of how to overcome these barriers.

These sessions are injected with humor as we learn what makes each of us who we are. The goal is find the common ground. It is not about changing ourselves to accomodate the other, but to explore the differences and have a better understanding so we can work together, whatever the goal.

Let's overcome these obstacles together!
Define Your Culture

You have worked hard to develop your company into what it is today. You have plans for expansion and want to keep growing and changing. The one thing that should not change is your company's core values, your mission, and your code of conduct.

As you continue to add to your employee base and provide technical training, are you also reiterating who you are? Are you training those ideas and beliefs that define your company's culture?

Having someone external train this might seem somewhat ironic!

What I possess first and foremost is the understanding of how valuable this teaching really is. And I do have personal experience working my way "up the ladder" within a company who holds their core values with the upmost integrity. It is who they are!

Let me be the one to help you keep your values alive and working for you!
Networking For a Purpose

Many of us understand the importance of working hard, meeting deadlines, and putting in the hours. What is the one piece that so easily gets overlooked in the workplace?

Networking. Building relationships.

With my 20 years in the corporate world, this is the one piece I learned very quickly. That is, the value of building business relationships and then maintaining those relationships.

It is easy to develop our routines each day and unless our position requires, we typically do not get the chance to meet with others outside of our departments very often.

Most of us feel like our work should speak for itself, and to a degree, it absolutely should.

But there is one piece that we are perhaps slowly losing and that is the importance of building relationships for the purpose of drawing on the expertise of one another.

Let me show your group what an asset this is to any company!

Time/Project Management

We have all been there.

Approaching multiple deadlines, putting out fires most of the day, working through most of the weekend, and still barely keeping our head above water when we come in Monday morning.

Whether it is managing your typical workday or a specific project, it is imperative to set standards for tasks that come your way and to know how to prioritize.

It is not that we cannot multitask. It is not that we cannot juggle several projects at one time. It is about how to go about it. And knowing when to speak up, when to ask for additional resources, and when to say no.

I have held several corporate positions. Each with mutliple projects at any given time. As a manager, I lead as a servant supervisor, which meant at any given time, I needed to be available for my employees and work we were presented.

This only occurred as a result of prioritizing my workload.

Let me share my tactics and experiences with your group!

Onboarding/Initial Training

One of the top three reasons one will leave their new empoyer within the first six months is because of a lack of onboarding or initial training.

Having a plan of action prior to your new employee coming on board is imperative. Additionally, building structure for initial training tailored to each department is just as important.

The onboarding process should include awareness of the company's organization and training developed around adult learning.

Adult learners need to be viewed as individuals, want to be involved in their own learning, must have material that is useful for their role, and require reinforcement.

Don't risk losing great talent.

Whether you are improving your current program, need to implement a new program, or need to train designated trainers on building training guides, I can help.

Let me help you build a great onboarding process!