Randa Davis

     CorporateTalk, LLC
​​                          corporate trainer
               public speaking coach


20 years experience!
Courses mastered:

    • Ted Talks, The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking (Chris Anderson, 2016)
    • 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say (Dr. Maura Cullen, 2016)
    • Public Speaking Mastery (Dale Carnegie, 2015)
    • Train-the-Trainer (James Bird Guess, 2016)
    • Gallup StrengthsFinder (TAG, 2015 & 2016)
    • Predictive Index (Bob Clark of PI Consulting Group, 2014)
    • Women’s Initiative Seminars (James Bird Guess & QT Ops 2014 & 2015)
    • Project Management Seminar (OSU Tulsa, 2015)
    • Finance for Non-Financial Managers (OSU Tulsa, 2015)
    • SharePoint Mastery (Joy Turner & QT, 2013)
    • Advanced Microsoft Excel, Level 3 (TTC 2011)
    • Advanced Microsoft Excel, Level 2 (TTC 2004)
    • Colonial Pipeline University (Colonial Pipeline, Inc. 2012)
    • Effective Negotiating (Dr. Andrew Urich, OSU, 2010)
    • Discovering Your Authentic Leadership (Harvard Business Review, 2007)
    • Breakfast of Champions Manager Development (QT, 2004)
    • Manager Development Conference (QT, 2004)
    • True Color HR Team Building (QT, 2003)
    • Principals of Human Resources (TCC, 2002)
    • DOS/360 Fueling Feedback (Right, 2001)
    • Sincerely Yours, Professional Writing, (QT, 2001)
    • Fish! (QT, 2001)
    • Avoiding Office Faux Pas (QT, 2000)


I have been able to work my way into management within QuikTrip Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, over the past 20 years. I started in the stores as an overnight Night Assistant, worked 8 years total in Human Resources, worked 8 years in Petroleum Trading, and most recently I was brought onboard as a Corporate Training Manager for the QuikTrip Corporate Campus (QTCC) providing orientation and ongoing training for all levels within QTCC, including entry-level and executive positions.

I recently decided to step down from full-time employment for a better work/life balance and to actively pursue my BA in Liberal Arts as well as a Masters in Human Relations. 

I will be traveling all over the nation to coach and train!

My experiences have formed who I am as a public speaker, trainer, writer, and an artist in many ways.  A 
calm energy and relatable approach that make me an asset for any topic of training and motivational forums.